Southport Associates L.L.C. Testimonial Serving Southport, Oak Island, St. James, Winding River and Surrounding areas of Brunswick County

Dear Barry and Monique

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the phenomenal job you have done in working with us to construct the Howe Street Purveyor Buildings!  Your professionalism, integrity and hard work have been a godsend to my organization. 

As you know, our prior experiences in building was a nightmare.  Our previous builder had us thinking that he was a professional and would work with us through the process.  Cost overruns, delays, and great miscommunication were what we ended up with. 

Our next building venture took that experience into account.  We spend a lot more time "interviewing" builders.  The moment we met you and Monique, we knew that things would be different.  

The construction of the Purveyors Building was a dream!  You communicated with us through the entire process.  Not only that, you came in on budget and even saved us a little money along the way!  As for construction schedules... you had that one beat by a month!

Thanks again for the incredible job you have done for my company.  In the future, you will be the only one that we will be working with.  Please don't hesitate to have any prospective clients contact us.  Our praise of you and you company will be sincere and heartfelt!

Very Sincerely,
Aaron David Dickey  
President, Southport Associates LLC
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