Adam's Family Testimonial Serving Southport, Oak Island, St. James, Winding River and Surrounding areas of Brunswick County

Southern Shores Development LLC
Post Office Box 11084
Southport, NC 28461

Dear Barry & Monique:

We would like to take a few minutes and share our thoughts with you and anyone else who is thinking about building with Southern Shores Development, LLC.

Considering the thought of building a new home, being seven hundred miles away made up a little nervous.  To be very honest, we were concerned about not being able to be on the job site on a regular basis, watching the progress, and just making sure everything was going accordingly.  This was not the case.  All the communication and concerns that we had building out of state were not a problem.  

They kept us updated on a regular basis, called us with any change that they thought we might want to consider, and always seemed to be on top of everything.  We were very impressed with Barry and Monique’s eye for detail and also how quickly and efficiently things were handled. 

The quality of workmanship is excellent and the dedication to build a fine home is what the Martins are all about. 

All the subcontractors that Barry and Monique have working for them were great.  They were also very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.  A special thanks to Mike LaBor, (Kitchen), Bud Goolsby (Lighting), and Gary Sullivan (Landscape).

From the beginning to the end, building with Barry and Monique Martin, has been a very wonderful and exciting experience.  We would not only recommend Southern Shores Development, but we would also open our home to anyone interested in building in our community.  We would like everyone to see for themselves the fine workmanship and the quality that the Martins provide.  Once again we would like to thank you both for the wonderful experience we shared with building our home.  

Very Truly Yours,
Kathy and John Adams
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Adams Family Testimonial