FAQs Serving Southport, Oak Island, St. James, Winding River and Surrounding areas of Brunswick County

Homeowner’s Frequently Asked Questions:
Question?   Does Southern Shores Development/Barry Martin offer free consultations?
Answer: Yes, with no cost or obligation. We will hold an initial consultation either in person, over the phone, or by email to determine your needs, wish list, plans and what the next steps are: i.e. bank loan/approval or cash customer, having plans drawn or modified, any ARB approvals needed.
 Question? We live out-of-state. How can you make this a pleasant experience to build from a long distance? 
Answer: Barry has been building for years with the majority of the homeowners for Southern Shores Development not being local.  He realizes that having a home built while you are hundreds of miles away can create a bit of apprehension and nervousness, but we are here to assure you that with his daily involvement, as well as his wife, Monique,  the constant phone calls and email communication, as well as weekly photos taken and emailed to you, this will be a very smooth and enjoyable home-building process for you. We will lead you through each step of the process, from plan design to landscape and final clean up, communicating via email to document all decisions, telephone, and regular meetings working around your schedule when you can come to town. You can even have your own personal, secure on-line access to your own webpage with all of the details of your new home; you will have a personal id and password to log in to our website to check the status of your home, view pictures along the way, view your contract, and check on the status of your allowances.
Question: What time of the year should we build? 
Answer: Southern Shores Development builds throughout the entire year. We know how to prepare for hurricanes and secure your home during the smallest to the largest storm. We live in Southport and stay close by during hurricanes, so we can check on your home as soon as possible. We carry builders risk insurance and recommend you carry flood insurance in flood zones during the building process.
Question: Do you use subcontractors?
Answer: Most of our established, highly skilled, team of subcontractors have been working together since I began building in Southport in 1999; there have only been a few minor changes since then. We still use the same HVAC, electrician, roofer and plumber since the beginning.  And the majority of the other subcontractors have been working for Southern Shores Development for at least the past 10 years.  All of our subcontractors are true professionals in their respective trade and have proven themselves to be among the best at what they do. With the knowledge each subcontractor has insures a pleasant building experience. Without exception, our subcontractors take pride in their work, and their service after the job is completed is excellent. All of our subs know that I expect their best effort, and when our home is complete the finished product reflects this. Please email us if you would like a reference list of our subcontractors. Being local, our sub-contractors can work around your schedule to meet with us as needed.
Question: How do you price out the house? Is it a contract, cost plus not to exceed or done on square footage price? 
Answer: I get signed contracts from just about every subcontractor for each trade or suppliers information. Each home is unique and the price varies depending on the plan, material selections chosen from exterior to interior doors, windows, flooring, tile and granite, etc. and if it’s on pilings or a foundation and if it’s located in a flood zone. We take the time in the planning stages to develop a detailed estimate of the materials and labor specific to your home. We provide a realistic, dependable estimate, so that you will not receive any surprises at the end of construction. Change orders and allowance overages are billed to the customer during construction so you know if you have over your budget. Depending on the choice with the homeowner, as to whether or not, it’s a straight contract or costs plus not to exceed.
Question: What are the next steps and how do we get started building with Southern Shores Development? 
Answer: Email us or give Barry a call at 910-512-7177. We can help guide you through the entire process from land selection, design and selection of materials, permitting, construction, and punch list resolution. Honesty, integrity and outstanding craftsmanship are among the traits that make Southern Shores Development a choice custom home builder. 
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